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Kayaking and Canyoning


Rockandrivers  proposes the descent of the meanders of the Trebbia river through the rental of Kayak Sit On Top  boats  single-seater  unsinkable and self-emptying ideal for those with no experience of kayaking.


The rental itself has a duration of approximately 5 hours including from 10.30 in the morning until 15.30 in the afternoon, (briefing from 9.30 and arrival at disembarkation at approximately 15.30) sufficient time to comfortably make a descent that lasts continuously. about 2.30 hours leaving space at intervals of time to relax, sunbathe, swim….


The Trebbia, in the section concerned, does not present particular difficulties, however in order to rent one of our boats and face the descent in the best possible way, it is necessary to comply with some provisions.

  • It is essential to always wear the life jacket, which must be kept fastened and the protective helmet provided by the organization.

  • Knowing and knowing how to quickly maintain the safety position in the event of a rollover. (illustrated and tested in the rental phase)

  • Carefully evaluate the main difficulties exposed by the staff during the briefing phase e  regarding the course, own abilities and control of the vessel.


Rockandrivers activities provide for affiliation to the sports association at a cost of € 10 per person valid for one year, included in the activity rates and scalable in case of more activities during the association year.



Rental with associative companion  € 50

Meeting - Briefing - Dressing - River tests - Descent - Recovery - End of activity

ASD ROCKANDRIVERS registration fee

SIT ON TOP boats and equipment rental.

recovery shuttle.

Associative companion.

Social outings calendar:

Information on social outings and events can be found in the events section a  This Page  or  contact us  to plan your business


Requirements for participation in the activities:

Being a member of the ASD ROCKANDRIVERS

Knowing how to swim discreetly and be at ease in an aquatic environment

Minimum age of 18, good health is good athleticism

Let yourself be released by your own  a certificate for non-competitive sporting activity (the certificate is not required for the purpose of participation, the possession of the certificate and the state of good health are the responsibility of the participant.)

What to bring:

Old sneakers or watersandals, for your safety, avoid shoelaces.

Swimsuit / bathing suit and t-shirt.

the use of eyeglasses or sunglasses need a small string to attach them.

Bathrobe is required for shower (at a cost of 1 euro directly at the base).

The rental takes place starting with a meeting point at the Val Trebbia Hostel  in Marsaglia di Cortebrugnatella at 9.30 in the morning every weekend of the months starting from April (check on  events calendar) as long as the water level in the river allows it, the return to the sports base in the afternoon is scheduled for  15.30-16.00.

It is specified that in any case there must be ideal environmental conditions for the performance and that in case of probable bad weather the excursions can be canceled or postponed to another date even with short communication times.


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