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Legend has it that the name of Travo derives from the Gallic leader Triverio , but there is also a theory that links it to the Celtic word "trev", which means "villa".

The ancient   VILLAGE


Probably, then, the term derives from the Latin Tres Vici, which would refer to the presence of three villages in the area.


Travo, after the Romans and the Lombards became part of the domains of the Abbey of San Colombano .

The main square is Piazza Trento , dominated by the Anguissola Castle , dating back to the 12th century, at the time of the Malaspina , then passed to the Anguissola at the end of the 18th century, which today houses the Civic Museum .

Travo has been lying for several hundred years on the left bank of the Trebbia , discreet, inconspicuous, it seems that it is there to monitor the flow of the river, almost always slow and regular, sometimes impetuous and threatening.


It is there on display, to be watched by those who pass on the SS45. The gaze then inevitably ends up on that huge "stone" that overlooks it.


There is that indissoluble bond with #pietraparcellara and #pietraperduca , that atmosphere that cannot be explained, you have to live it.


The "Stone" is known to free energy, this is probably the reason why you can breathe life in the small village.


And then we want to leave the SS45 and cross the bridge, possibly without getting distracted because on our left there is the Val Trebbia that wants to be looked at.


The #parcoarcheologico reminds us that for some millennium the man loved living here.


In the clubs there is always life and good humor, people greet you and smile at you, as they once did.


A stroll in Piazza Trento , in the summer there are no cars and very often there is some event to liven up the evenings even more.  

We enter the courtyard of the #castelloditravo which belonged to the Anguissola family, now it is the Town Hall.


In the summer months, do not miss the Giana Anguissola Literary Evenings , literary events or meetings with personalities involved in various areas of civil society.


We want to stop and eat something, we are spoiled for choice, agritourism, restaurant, pub, wine shop?


In the hamlet of Caverzago , on the other hand, stands the homonymous fortress , located on a cliff overlooking the Trebbia river.


The building was built near the Temple of the goddess Minerva , a Roman sanctuary which returned numerous votive stones, which were then transferred to the local church.


Next to the ruins of the fortress you can see the medieval church of Santo Stefano , with the remains of the lookout tower from 1337 .


According to tradition, the legionary Antoninus was martyred near the ancient sanctuary, later proclaimed saint and patron saint of Travo and Piacenza .

There are many cyclists who pass by here, they all take the same direction, Bobbiano, Pietra Parcellara, Passo Caldarola with its 750 meters of altitude.


Up to "alla Caldarola" there are about 13 km , the slope varies but it is never too demanding, there is plenty of time to look around and admire the view.


A beautiful experience this "small village", beautiful and unexpected.


Maybe we stop to sleep. But we stop to sleep. So tomorrow we enjoy the river, the smiles and the nice atmosphere.

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