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In 2022 the Giana Anguissola Literary Competition will cross the finish line of the 13th edition.
The event is dedicated to the writer, who at the turn of the last century achieved notoriety thanks to her novels for adults and children , her television scripts and her articles as a journalist on some of the main national newspapers.

In his career he won numerous awards including the Viareggio Prize in 1933 with the novel "The novel of many people", in 1954  the Soromptimist Prize with the re-edition of "Gli heedi del Circo Alicante" , and in 1959 with "Priscilla" the Prize of the Presidency of the Council and the Mention of the International Board on Books for Young People.

Giana Anguissola spent the summer in her summer residence, the Anguissola Castle in Travo , where she gave life to her works.

The Municipality of Travo has therefore decided to pay homage to the writer with a Literary Competition dedicated to her.
All information and methods of participation on the site

As part of the Literary Competition, the Giana Anguissola Literary Evenings were born, the summer festival of literature, culture and entertainment that for years has animated the village of Travo in July and August .

Also in 2022 the meetings will be held in Piazza Trieste , the evocative courtyard of the castle and the church.
Among the protagonists of the past editions we remember, the economist Carlo Cottarelli , the professor Elsa Fornero , the psychologist Paolo Crepet ,  the journalists and writers Alessandro Milan , Michele Serra and Ritanna Armeni , the writer Gabriele Dadati , the actors Corrado Tedeschi and Salvatore Marino and many others.

So, see you for summer 2022!

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