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The sports association "Parcellara " was born in Travo at the beginning of 2011, on the initiative of a group of seven friends, united by the passion for nature of the beautiful Val Trebbia.


On an area of about 60,000 square meters, a Hunter & Field and 3D shooting course has been designed and built, which winds along 24 pitches for each course ,  which was baptized "The Black Arrow", in memory of the famous 1968 RAI television series , part of which was filmed in these areas ,  with prestigious locations such as, for example, the beautiful Montechiaro Castle.


"The Black Arrow" is located in the Bettolarga area , not far from the State Road n. 45 of the Trebbia Valley, and welcomes visitors by offering them a magnificent glimpse of the Trebbia river, which winds softly towards the horizon, a beautiful close-up of the mysterious Pietra Parcellara , and a suggestive view of Travo.


The field located in the Bosco della Freccia Nera in Bettolarga  consists of 24 pitches, half of which in Hunter mode with unknown distances and the other half in Field mode and therefore with known distances. furthermore , for 3D lovers we have a route consisting of 24 pitches with silhouettes of group animals 1,2,3,4


We also remind you that the field is completely fenced and access is forbidden to those not expressly authorized and in any case equipped with a Fitarco - UISP card.


The Campo is easily accessible . From Piacenza take the Strada Statale 45 towards Bobbio-Genova , once you arrive in Travo continue for about 1 km and just before Quadrelli you will find the indication to go to the field on the left of the ss45.


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