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The fortification, whose foundation date is not known, was mentioned for the first time in a document dating back to 1037 which testifies that Theodosius bought it from Isembrando , canon of the parish church of San Faustino di Tuna , for an amount of 3,000 lire. , several farms and fortified buildings located in Piacentino including the castle of Bobbiano with the tower and the neighboring church of San Michele.

On 29 September 1164 the Marquis  Obizzo Malaspina  obtained the concession of Bobbiano from the emperor Federico Barbarossa . In 1255 the castle was partially razed to the ground by the troops in the service of Oberto II Pallavicino; later the building became part of the properties of the Anguissola family . In 1311 Rolando II Scotti took possession of Bobbiano, however shortly after the Anguissola family managed to regain possession of the area thanks to the action of the mayor of Piacenza Riccardino Langosco .


During the first years of the 16th century, the tower was used as a den by the band led by the brigand Bertoletto .


In 1546 the Duke of Parma and Piacenza granted Ettore Maria Anguissola half of the castle of Bobbiano , together with the nearby fortresses of Vei and  Travo  and to the land and houses located therein, in exchange for taking an oath of allegiance.


Until the mid- 2010s, the building, which had become privately owned , was in poor condition in a state of partial abandonment.


In 2017, restoration work began to make the building safe, then completed in 2021 .


How to get


From Travo go up towards Bobbiano / Pietra Parcellara.

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